Andrew graduated from the prestigious British School of Osteopathy the oldest of the osteopathic colleges in the UK.

There he underwent a rigorous 4 years of study covering osteopathic techniques, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology. And completed the 1,000 hours in the college clinic that is required of all osteopaths.

For his final year thesis Andrew analyzed data from the BEAM trial, the largest and most comprehensive study into Low Back Pain (LBP) so far conducted. BEAM’s results demonstrated the effectiveness of physical treatment for LBP.

He integrates Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Rehabilitation and Exercise to restore your balance and wellbeing.



Andrew repeatedly sorts out my back and neck and then when I pulled my thumb out, sorted that too with some serious acupuncture. Great 'bedside' manner. In a word; brilliant!

Bill – Photographer
Andrew's holistic approach is a really great combination of careful listening and skillful intervention. Within only a few treatments, the pain of an old lower back injury was eased and mobility restored. His gentle precision creates a wonderful context for the body to get on with healing itself.

Lucy – Dancer and Filmmaker
I met Andrew over 4 years ago and he has treated me ever since for muscular and spinal issues including a prolapsed disc which was eventually replaced. Following the replacement he has continued to support my spinal good health and recovery.
It is very important to find a practitioner who will be genuinely sympathetic, approachable and knowledgeable, all qualities that Andrew has in abundance. I have always found Andrew to be proficient, experienced and extremely supportive and would highly recommend his services.

Michelle – Mum to two budding dancers
My fiancee recommended Andrew to me after he treated her for migraine-related back issues, as I had been struggling with a shoulder injury for a few years. Andrew quickly identified and explained the nature of the injury to me, and after four sessions and a regiment of prescribed home exercises, I now have almost full range of movement back in the affected shoulder. His friendly nature and relaxed, pleasant and professional approach leave me with no hesitation in recommending Andrew to anyone who may need his services.

Alain – Film equipment professional
After many years of osteopathic treatment I have quite a wide experience of different osteopathic practitioners. I have been seeing Andrew for over two years now and I can say that he is a very good Osteopath, with a wide range of knowledge and understanding across the whole spectrum of treatment. Andrew has always accurately diagnosed and treated any problems with accurate and knowledgeable remedial action, providing invariably swift results.

Robyn – Producer
I went in to see Andrew after foolishly unloading crates from a truck - which is not my usual occupation at all. I was in a huge degree of pain and right in the middle of a large project, so the condition was not good news. Thankfully, after the very first session of Osteopathy and Acupuncture, the pain greatly reduced and I had most of my mobility back. Andrew was also able to manipulate the rest of my back and a week later I was back to normal. I can highly recommend him to anyone as he was charming, considerate and very good at his job!

Simon – Set Designer